Ivey is a seven year old girl who has

gone through a lot in her short life.

She was born with myelomeningocele

spina bifida. She is energetic and

wants to feel included and enjoy every

moment of her childhood.

She goes to school,attends physical and

occupational therapy, enjoys piano,

violin and takes modified dance lessons.

Balance and core strength are major

issues for her and she is frequently at risk

for falling down. She wears orthopedic

shoes and AFOs (braces) in order to walk

but for longer distances she uses her

wheelchair since she fatigues easily and

suffers from joint pain.

Training dates January 27th - February 7th

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A service dog will assist Ivey with mobility

support and will help to increase her

independence. The dog can assist with

such tasks as pulling the wheelchair uphill-

such as a ramp, pushing elevator buttons

and handicap-accessible doors, carry

items, pick up dropped items, steady her

when she walks, help prevent falls, assist

with getting her to her feet if she falls and

be available for emotional support

(especially since she has so many medical

appointments, procedures and life

challenges that increase her anxiety).

Feel free to contact the Tessa or Kevin if

you have any specific questions for them.